Staffan's (and Jon's) Runequest Campaigns


The Dragon Pass Campaigns

This campaign started off by me playing a character of then little note (Harry Bushtill) in a Griffin Mountain campaign back when I was in school. That campaigndied a death as the players were spread all over the Kingdom. However, I had takena fancy to the game, and decided to start up a campaign at the Loughborough Student's Union Chess and Wargames Soc that I attended regularly during my University career.

In order that I should have some freedom as to the run of events, whilst still keeping it in well documented (ie Dragon Pass) terriotory, I decided to start the campaign in S.T. 1700. The current date is Earth Season 1711, where the Lunar army under the leadership of Taitus the Bright has just taken the fortified village of Whitewall.

The campaign is co-run between myself and Jon Tarry at Loughborough, as well as at various conventions around the place. At present there are several parties of Sartarites, one of Pavisites, and one of Yelmalions from the Sun Dome (as opposed to the Sun County).

Campaign timeline

Details of the campaigns will be posted here, as I get them written up. The current campaign date is on or about Disorder Week, Dark Season, 1711.

Sea Season 1709
Fire Season 1709
Earth Season 1709
Dark Season 1709
Storm Season 1709
Sacred Time 1709
Sea Season 1710
Fire Season 1710
Earth Season 1710
Dark Season 1710
Storm Season 1710
Sacred Time 1710
Sea Season 1711
Fire Season 1711
Earth Season 1711
Dark Season 1711
Storm Season 1711
Sacred Time 1711

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